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    City of Denton

    Denton Square

    Denton, Texas has everything you could want from a big city, while still holding on to that small-town vibe. Discover why no one is a stranger in these parts.  With the ever growing hashtag #Dentoning events and restaurants within the town are growing more and more popular.  Denton’s very own Discovery Center, nestled in the historic square near the courthouse, provides a ton of information on events for families, students and couples to do.  Check out the event calendar at boasting a long list of activities planned each weekend. 

    Dentoning must-haves

    Planning a trip to Denton? Already here and trying to find a place to eat, drink, mingle or stay? Download the Discover Lil’d app, powered by Visit Widget, to access our calendar, hot spots and whatever kind of #Dentoning adventure you’re looking for, right at your finger tips. Curious about the music scene? The app has the best in Denton music – including a playlist of just those performing in Denton venues this month – for you to fully immerse yourself in the Denton music scene, whether it be jazz, indie music, country, rock or rap. We’ve got it all right here in Lil’d!

    Denton Schools

    Of course Denton also has some superior schools!  As with all public school systems, Denton Independent School District receives local, state and federal ratings through a variety of initiatives, such as the Texas Education Agency’s accountability rating system. Other ratings include Federal Report Card (also known as Adequate Yearly Progress reports, part of the national No Child Left Behind initiative), the TEA’s School Report Cards and the Community and Student Engagement Survey (a state initiative that uses community input for scores).  To look up 2016 Federal Report Cards, please click here.