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    Simple tips for sellers and buyers

    Tips for Sellers!

    1. Declutter and Organize

    Decide what you want to keep and then pack and store anything you don’t immediately need at your new place. Be sure to organize your closets and pantries so they are tidy. This will help showcase your storage space.

    2. Paint Inside and Out

    First impressions mean everything. Make sure interior rooms are freshly painted with a neutral color. The exterior should be power-washed and painted if needed; often the front door can use a fresh coat of paint or stain, too.

    3. Make Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value

    You should talk to your agent about small changes you can make that might have a big impact on buyers. Updates like a kitchen backsplash or new hardware throughout the house can leave a lasting impression. The more value a buyer sees in a property, the greater the chances that one or more buyers will make an offer at your list price, if not more.

    4. Talk to and Collaborate With Your Neighbors

    If you have nearby neighbors, buyers will likely be curious about how well your neighbors keep up their homes. If you share a hallway or lawn, let your neighbors know of your plans to sell and kindly ask them to tidy up. A speedy and profitable sale for you only means great things for your neighbors when they decide to sell.

    5. Figure Out the Right Time to Sell

    Sellers tend to think they need to wait until spring in order to sell quickly, but in many markets that’s not the case. Homes sell well year round in certain areas; there are more sales in the spring and summer months. But because there are more buyers at that time, there are also more sellers and more competition. Ultimately, sellers should sell at the time that makes the most sense for them. The beginning of 2018 is a great time to list, as buyers left over from 2017 have exhausted the limited inventory, and new buyers will begin looking as well.

    6. Price Your Home to Sell

    Look at key market indicators such as recent sales, pricing trends and inventory to guide you to the best listing price. Be cautious of overpricing and underpricing. Overpricing could scare off potential buyers who may think a seller isn’t being realistic, while underpricing means that you as a seller could leave money on the table. Real estate agents use a tech-powered comparative market analysis tool to help guide sellers to the right price. Work with your agent to develop the right pricing strategy so that your list price is either at or slightly below market value, thereby creating as much interest as possible from the buying community.

    Tips for Buyers!

    1. Limit Credit Card Spending and New Purchases.

    2. Find Out How the New Tax Bill Affects you.

    3. Maximize Savings.

    4. Get Pre-approved.

    5. Set Up a Saved Search.

    6. Start Exploring in Person and Online.

    7. Be Creative With Your Search.

    8. Be Flexible With Sellers.

    9. Be Patient.

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